The vanishing legal aid

Documentary on the work of the expert lawyers providing legal aid for people who otherwise couldn’t afford to pay for representation. A proposed new legal aid system would privatise the legal help and will leave the many clients of the specialised lawyers at the mercy of ‘the market’. In production.

BR-163: the Soy Highway in development

The state of Pará lies in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. It is a rugged, still partially ‘unexplored’ state, from which little news reaches the Brazilian urban world, let alone the outside world. This heart is increasingly pierced by a road, meant for the transport of tons of soy to the Atlantic coast for foreign export.

Sylvana, Demon or Diva

‘Sylvana, Demon or Diva’ is being shown in various locations in the Netherlands and abroad, in presence of the director and sometimes of the main character. The next screening will be on 17 September in Vienna.