Ingeborg Jansen (Amsterdam, 30 June 1965) graduated from the Dutch National Film and Television Academy in 1991 and in 2010 received a degree in (criminal) law. She works as an independent director of documentaries, mainly for the Dutch public television channels. Her documentaries have won several prizes at international festivals. Ingeborg Jansen lives in Rotterdam. A selection of her work:

Sylvana, demon or diva, 2018

EO / KVFilms (90 min) Bold, black and beautiful: since former TV-show host Sylvana Simons started speaking out against racism, part of the Dutch public has deeply resented her. As she campaigns for a seat on the Amsterdam city council, reactions are mixed and fierce. Premièred at IDFA 2018

Forgive me my debts, 2017

NCRV Dokument / Een van de Jongens (55 min) In a courtoom in The Hague, people burdened by huge amounts of debt apply to get onto a special debt restructuring scheme, which enables them to clear their debts. Each applicant tells his or her own story about how their financial problems came about. The judges offer them a gateway to a better future, it now all depends on them. Dutch Film Festival 2017, theatre tour through the Netherlands

Greek winter, 2016

IKONDocs / Een van de Jongens (58 / 70 min) A brother and sister run their joint business selling heating oil in Thessaloniki, in the middle of the Greek economic crisis. What happens to solidarity when everybody’s survival is at stake? IDFA Dutch competition 2016, Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Göteborg Film Festival, American Film Institute, Washington, 2016.

The final year, 2015

IKON / Zeppers Film & tv 2015 (106 / 58 min) In the final year of elementary school there is no escape from the pressure:  children should score as high as possible to get into the best secundary schools. Parents who can afford it pay for private lessons; other parents put pressure on the teachers. Pupils and parents from very different backgrounds struggle anxiously for the same goal: the best start in life.

In debt, 2015

BOS/ Volya Films 2015 (58 min) The proceedings in a courtroom where people with major debts are evaluated: are they eligible for a clean slate from the government or not? Dutch Film Festival 2015.

Almost 18, 2012

HUMAN / IE films 2012 Documentary (75 min) Portrayal of three juveniles in youth detention, suspected of and then convicted for violent robberies, in custody and ‘treatment’ and after their release. IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentaries 2012

A waiting family, 2009

Holland Harbour / NCRV Dokument 2009 Documentary (2 x 50 min) A christian Pakistani family has asked for asylum in the Netherlands. The procedure takes years and while the parents wait, the three children become more and more Dutch. After ten years, a decision is finally taken. Dutch Film Festival 2009

Chicagoblock, stories from the elevator, 2008

Holland Harbour/IKON/ Mediafonds 2008 (65 min) It all starts in the elevator of a huge block of flats on the dilapidated ‘left bank’ of the Belgian city of Antwerp. By meeting the people who live there, the camera tells the unsuspecting love stories of several of the building’s residents. Best Documentary International 1001 Documentary Film Festival Istanbul, 25th Kasseler Docfest, Dutch Film Festival 2009, Festival du Film Independent Bruxelles 2008